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About Legends Beard And Pipe Company

You’ve heard the story…It’s the American dream.  Someone who doesn’t settle for the ordinary decides to make something extraordinary and as word gets out that he created a better beard oil than anything else on the market…all hell breaks loose and a new business is born!  

Welcome to Legends Beard and Pipe Company 

Craig is one of those guys.  Statistically, they’re about 1 in 10,000,000.  Rare indeed!  He never settles for ordinary.  Ordinary is boring.  Life shouldn’t be boring.  Life should be extraordinary at a minimum.  IT’S FULL THROTTLE!!

It all begins with….why?  Why do men grow a beard?  Why do men use beard oil?  Why do some men shave after a few weeks?  Why do some men grow their beard short?  And why do some men grow their beard to Legendary status?

craig legendary beard

Growing a Beard for the First Time

It all began as a “Bucket List” item.  In years past, much like most men, Craig was held back by corporate America.  Held back by society rules.  Held back by family members.  Most of of you can probably relate.

But….it was time to free himself.  Time to check one more thing off his bucket list.  And grow a beard for the first time.  But like Craig does everything else in life, it could never be just any ordinary beard.  It must be extraordinary and it must be a Legendary beard!  He knew it would be a long journey to his Legendary beard.

You can imagine the discussion at family gatherings.  You can image the resistance to society’s desire to conform.  You can imagine the pressures to shave.  You probably have experienced many of the same…at least in the beginning.

You know what happens next.  It’s week one and the itching begins.  Is this how it feels to have a beard?  How do you take care of a beard to grow it?  What products will help you grow your beard much like growing hair on top of your head?  It was time to research…and research is what he did!

The Science of Beard Oil

In school, chemistry was one of those classes that Craig simply loved.  He even excelled at it.  Mixing, creating and blowing things up was right up his alley.  With his new interest in growing a Legendary beard and truly understanding the benefits and purpose of a great beard oil, it was time to dust off his passion for science and put it to use…mixing and creating once more.  No blowing things up this time…except for maybe the business sale charts!

Why do men use beard oil?  How does beard oil help you grow a beard? What ingredients are in beard oil?  How often do you use beard oil?   How do you apply beard oil?

These and many more were questions Craig was diving deep into answering.  Not just the internet answer you find on Google written by marketers looking to sell you a product.  But finding the answers from scientists, university studies and statistically proven answers that don’t have a drop of marketing involved.  It’s the results that matter most.

Craig purchased beard oils online.  Many of them.  Checking the ingredients.  Testing them on his beard.  Observing the difference and deeply understanding what works, what doesn’t and what was good for his beard while what was simply bad for his beard.

Time To Create A Better Beard Oil

After buying and testing many of the leading beard oils online and at local shops, Craig was convinced.  Convinced that most people selling beard oil online are better marketers than they are scientists.  They can build a good looking brand, a great looking box and even a nice label for their bottle.  They can sell a ton of beard oil on eBay, Amazon and their websites.  They can make great online videos and jazz up the bearded community.  The bearded brotherhood.  But in many cases…their beard oil simply sucked!!

This is why most men are constantly searching for a better beard oil.  They simply haven’t found one that focuses on the science and not the scent.  They haven’t found one where the marketing comes second.

He decided it was best to start with a clean slate.  What oils are necessary for your beard?  What are “Essential Oils” and what are “Carrier Oils”.  What about Allergens?  How do the scents play a roll?  The less oils he can use, the better.

Why do so many beard oil companies focus 100% on the scent and 0% on the science?  The conclusion was horrifying.  They don’t have a beard, they don’t care about what they sell, or they simply want to make a quick buck.

Here’s how they do it.  They simply buy cheap crap from China, have their wonderful branded label slapped on the outside and boom!! They sell it cheap at first to build sales and over time raise their prices.  And they sell a ton of cheap beard oil…unfortunately, it works.  But USA based Legends is here to CHANGE THE GAME FOREVER!!

It was time to test.  Gathering raw materials, mixing portions based on their chemical makeup and bonding traits.  Knowing how to mix the oils correctly.  Knowing the correct amount of time, temperature and batch sizes.

Success didn’t come easy.  Sure having a background in chemistry and doing a ton of research helped get Craig on the right track.  But he was on a mission to extraordinary and not simply to re-create a basic beard oil like already on the market.  That was easy.

He learned that some of his batches had too many oils.  Some ingredients were unnecessary and harming the effects of the other essential oils.  He learned that some of the ingredients in most of the beard oils on the market can trigger “Nut Allergies”.  That was a HUGE DISCOVERY for Craig.  Nut allergies is a big percent of the population.

A Beard Oil Business was Formed

Success did come!  After trial and error.  Testing, more testing and confirming.  Craig was pleased.  He was more than pleased.  He was ecstatic.  It was like discovering a new element for the Periodic Table.  He created the Poseidon beard growth oil version 1.0.

It was perfect in many ways.  The feel your beard has once you apply it.  The fact that it gets deep into your hair follicles where hair growth happens.  And third, the scent.  Sure scent wasn’t super important.  But it is the first thing people “sense” when they try Poseidon beard growth oil for the first time.

Time to test with friends and family members.  Craig created larger and larger batches.  Bottled it up and simply gave it away.  The feedback and response was over-the-top.  

They loved it!  They wanted more of it! And they told him, he should SELL IT!