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The key to a perfect beard growth and strengthening formula, is all in the delicate chemistry and balance of precision carrier/essential oil blending. What you WILL NOT see in our proprietary beard oil blends, is Jojoba or Argan carrier oils…and there’s a big reason for that!

While almost 98% of the hair and beard oil industry uses these oils as a base in their products, the scientific fact is that they are far inferior (chemically) compared to other super-oils that perform near magic when combined. Of course this not to say that Jojoba and Argan don’t have their place….they do. In fact they are great oils when used properly, and in certain specific types of use cases. But again, when superior oil alternatives exist…why settle for a considerably distant second?

In the case of Jojoba, it’s been long accepted as an oil that “mimics” our skin’s natural sebum composition, and therefore has been used extensively without truly understanding its science. You see, our skin secretes sebum naturally in order to moisturize itself, and then throughout the day…”reabsorbs” it back in order to “synthesize & monitor” proper skin hydration levels. As your skin does this, the reabsorbed sebum binds to the sebaceous gland receptor sites, thereby triggering your skin to stop producing its natural oil. When Jojoba is added to your hair, beard or skin, this natural “monitoring” process does not take place, and your glands continue to produce excess oil. And while Jojoba is rich in necessary fatty acids & nutritional compounds, using it on hair and skin can lead to an over-saturated and oily mess.

Argan oil on the other hand, has a much different issue to consider. Its chemical makeup is such that, the molecular structure of Argan oil is simply TOO LARGE to penetrate the hair shaft and follicle, and is thereby rendered useless as a moisturizer. However on initial usage, your hair may “seem” soft, shiny and supple…in the long term…it’s really in the process of drying out! Why? Because over time, Argan oil usage on your hair, will form a “barrier” preventing other moisturizing nutrients from penetrating the shaft and follicle (because remember, its molecular structure won’t allow absorption), and will begin to weaken and thin out your hair. Again, like Jojoba, Argan has its time and place for amazing usage benefits…just not on your hair or beard.


Coming soon, we’ll be releasing our technical white paper on our blend oils, and the reasons why they’re the ONLY OILS you’ll ever consider using on your beard, hair, and skin. Bear in mind, this paper goes really deep into the technical weeds, so just be prepared to learn some things you never thought these oils could do. For those curious types, this research will provide an amazing purview into the astonishing world of carrier and essential oils!