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balbo beard style

Beard Styles – Balbo

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Who wouldn’t want to sport the same style beard as an Avenger? That magnificent facial scrub worn by Tony Stark, as portrayed Robert Downey Jr. in all those marvelous Marvel movies is called the “balbo”, and has been gaining in popularity as  the films keep doing boffo at the box office.

balbo beard style

The balbo is a sophisticated and stylish type of beard, displaying quite a bit of character. It especially suits a man with a narrow chin. The style is more or less a combination of a goatee and an unconnected mustache. A handlebar mustache, properly trimmed and waxed, looks particularly good with this look.

How to Grow a Balbo Beard Style

To grow a balbo beard style it is best to start with a full beard and trim it down. Grow out your facial hair for about four weeks, and then start on the sculpturing. The cheeks are clean shaven.

The beard itself hugs the jawline, the width being determined by personal preference. The area directly under the lower lip should be clear except for a rectangular patch connecting the lip to the jaw-hugging beard. The shape of the beard should be that of an inverted “T”, or even an anchor. As stated before, the width is variable, extending the full width of the face, or confined to a more concise are on the chin.

balbo beard style

You may want to visit a barber for your first trim, and allow him to define the outline of the beard, as per your instructions. From then on you can perform the simple maintenance required on your own.  A variation on this type of beard is the “Hollywoodian”, where the mustache is allowed to grow down to connect to the jawline beard.

The key to maintaining this type of beard is good grooming. The lines should be well-defined, and trimmed regularly. Allowing a Balbo beard to become overgrown will result in a scruffy and patchy look. Remember, Tony Stark is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, not a hobo.

balbo beard style

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