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I Grow A Beard and I Know Things

How to Use Beard Oil

That’s What I Do, I Grow a Beard and I Know Things Let’s talk about growing a beard for a moment.  But before we do that, are you simply searching for the popular shirt with this saying?  No worries, here’s the direct link to the best deal and price on this popular beard shirt.  Maybe a gift for your bearded […]

Not All Beard Growth Oils are Made the Same

Choices, choices and more choices. You’re searching for the best beard growth oil for your beard and stumped by all the choices on the net. While so many beard growth oils ARE the same….not all beard growth oils are made the same. Find out why LEGENDS beard growth oil is totally DIFFERENT than all the rest and truly unique. Let […]

Monthly Beard Oil Subscription from Legends

We invite you to browse our educational videos about the science and chemistry behind our products. We take pride in our legendary beard oils, and know you’ll be more than satisfied with their performance and back for more, no matter how many competing products you have experimented with in the past. Once you discover how great your beard can feel […]

Seasoning Your Boar Hair Beard Brush – Say What?

Did you know that using a seasoned boar’s hair beard brush as opposed to an unseasoned one can make all the difference in how your beard looks and feels? It can mean the difference between scruffy and legendary! You should always use a high quality boar’s hair bristle brush when grooming your beard. A quality brush will get deep into […]