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ducktail beard style

Beard Styles – The Ducktail Beard

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The Ducktail Beard Style, otherwise known as the stiletto beard, had its origins in the fifteenth or sixteenth century, a time when men covering their naked faces with fabulous furry accouterments to display their masculinity, courage, and power.

ducktail beard style

Throughout history, men have always grown beards, but it was during the sixteenth century that they became more serious about the care and styling of their facial hair. This was the age of some wonderfully classic beards, including the stiletto, nowadays often called the Ducktail beard.

How to Grow a Ducktail Beard Style

Despite the rustic sound of the name, the Ducktail beard has long been seen as a sophisticated type of display, introduced into the British Isles by visiting diplomats and other dignitaries. The style is a popular choice of many businessman, actors, politicians, and others wishing to impart a sense of dignity with a dash of testosterone.

ducktail beard style

Hugh Jackman has sported the look on occasion, when not wearing his signature Wolverine mutton chops, as well as Mel Gibson. The Ducktail beard style also seems to be the beard of choice of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok (seen right), as portrayed by Travis Fimmel, and many of his cohorts, on the History Channel’s “Vikings”, although, given their warlike proclivities, perhaps stiletto beard should be used in this instance.

The Ducktail beard style, as the name implies, resembles that water fowl’s hind quarters. It is a full beard. The hair is cut closer to the face at the top of the beard, and left longer at the bottom, with a gentle taper toward the center. This look imparts the feeling of the wildness of a full beard, with the well groomed look of a sophisticated gentleman. It does require some work to keep it looking well-groomed, with careful attention paid to maintaining the clipped look of the upper portion.

ducktail beard style

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