What to Expect After A 7 Day Beard Oil Trial from Legends

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What to Expect After A 7 Day Beard Oil Trial from Legends

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We here at Legends Beard and Pipe offer a trial size version of our legendary beard oil. You may be curious about what you can expect from such a trial period and we’re happy to tell you.

For the first time beard oil user this is primarily a test of how you and your beard adapt to the use of our beard growth oils. For what we call our “Social” beard oils, the ones which provide scent and conditioning without accelerated growth, this trial period will allow you to discover just how your beard responds to our product, how easy these products are to use, and how you and your close ones, respond to our refreshing scents.

You will be able to see for yourself how our beard oils will even out the color throughout your beard and balance the PH balance on your skin to relieve irritation and itchiness. For our best selling beard growth oils, the same will apply, with the added advantage that your hair follicles will take their first steps on the road to increased beard growth.

Don’t fall victim to over-expectation, however. Your beard grows at approximately one half inch every thirty days, so these first baby steps in accelerated growth will not be easily noticeable. But, rest assured, it’s happening down there at follicle level. What you will notice is the newly enhanced comfort of your skin, and the softness and manageability of your beard.

For those who have used beard growth oils before, the growth process will be slower to engage when trying the trial size of our beard growth oils. This is because the oil must perform two functions. First, it must break down and eliminate and residue from oils previously used on your beard. This may take some time. Next, it can finally go to work to provide the benefits of our superior product – fresh scent, beard softness and manageability, eliminate skin irritation, and finally…accelerated beard growth.

Some Legends beard oil users chose to order two trial size offers to better allow both steps to do their work.

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