How to Groom Your Beard

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How to Groom Your Beard

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Lots of men grow beards, but the difference between a beard and a legendary beard is obvious at first sight. A legendary beard is groomed to perfection, but with a minimum of effort.

Start by applying one of our legendary beard oils once a day, usually during your daily bathing regime. Towel dry your beard as you towel dry the rest of you. Next, while your beard is still a bit damp, it’s time to apply your choice of one of our legendary beard oils. Please remember that your beard should be damp, not wet. Then, brush with one of our legendary boar’s hair beard brushes to distribute the oil evenly throughout the beard.

Now it’s time to comb your beard completely with a good ox horn anti-static beard comb. It is important that you do this to separate and aerate the hair in your beard. Combing tends to straighten the hairs, making them more manageable. A comb with improperly spaced ingress and egress channels may cause your beard to frizz, and the hair to curl, much like curling ribbon can be curled on the edge of a pair of scissors. After your have completed this step, your beard will appear full and fluffy. Some men prefer this look, but if you desire a more subdued, smooth appearance, return to the boar’s hair bristle brush for a final grooming.

You need only perform this ritual once a day for that legendary beard look, but if you feel the need to freshen up for an important meeting, or a night out, simply repeat the brushing and combing parts of the procedure to redistribute the oil and tame any flyaway hairs. There is  no need to reapply your beard oil.

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