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About Legends Beard Growth Oil Scents

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Here at Legends, we want to help you grow and maintain your legendary beard. And to look good and smell good while doing it. To this end we have developed two different categories of beard oils, one of which will encourage beard growth, and the other can express your personality with a variety of fragrance choices.

The first type is our famous beard growth oils, the most popular of which is our famous Poseidon 3X. This extremely effective growth oil contains our proprietary formula which stimulates each hair follicle for faster growth. Poseidon 3X oil has a clean icy mint fragrance to provide a bracing experience.

Another growth oil is Serious Black, designed for men with darker beards or skin which may be more sensitive. This oil contains rich emollients which will soothe the skin while our growth formula encourages increased growth. Serious Black has a slightly more woodsy scent than it counterpart’s, Poseidon 3X, icy mint freshness.

Our second type of beard oil is what we call our Social oils” perfect for a night out with friends, or with the woman in your life. These oils do not provide the growth benefits of our beard growth formulas, but do provide subtle yet attractive scents. One of our most popular is Sequoia, a refreshing, woody forest scent, without the sometimes overbearing pine tones which make you smell like a Christmas tree in July. Another is Caribbean Voyage, our nod to the classic bay rum scents which have been popular in male grooming regimens for centuries. Caribbean Voyage blends the classic bay rum aroma with notes of vanilla, citrus, and even coconut. A huge favorite with the ladies!

Of course, all our beard oils will condition, soften, and shine as well as disinfect your beard and cleanse your skin. And they can be used in combination to provide just the effect you desire.

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