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About Legends POSEIDON Beard Oil

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The number one product we offer at Legends Beard and Pipe Co., our worldwide number one bestseller beard oil is Poseidon 3X Beard Growth Oil. And rightly so!

Quite a few men, if not most, will choose the beard oil they use based on cosmetic reasons. If it smells good, it’s alright with them. But we here at Legends put science before scent. An oil may smell great, but if scent is its only benefit, it is sorely lacking the real benefits of using beard oil.

We take science seriously at Legends. We do our own research and production, never just repackaging and selling items produced by a third party company from dare we say it…China.

That’s why we are on our third rendition of our flagship beard growth oil, Poseidon 3X. We are constantly striving to improve our products. We formulate our beard oils based on studies done at universities around the world. We experiment constantly with the chemicals needed to provide a propitious result, and the efficiency of the delivery system which provides that result.

Our beneficial ingredients will do no good at all if they can’t be delivered and absorbed to the skin and hair follicle. We take great care with the ingredients we use. Mindful of the increase in nut related allergies in recent decades, we assiduously avoid all nut products in our beard oils. Argon oil, one of the most popular beard grooming oils available, is a nut product, although most people may not be aware of this fact. Even if you have no such allergy, someone close to you may have. Imagine a child fluffy up daddy’s beard with dire results.  A risk we feel not worth taking!

Although the beard oil scent may be of secondary consideration, it is still a major concern at Legends. After all, our products can benefit no one if they go unused due to unpleasant aromas. And we think we have found the perfect scent in Poseidon 3X. We refer to it as ice mint, a bracingly subtle wave of cool freshness. You, and those around you, will appreciate the invigorating quality of the aroma without feeling like you are hopelessly lost in a pine forest, an effect all too common with other masculine grooming products.

Remember the Legends Motto: “Science Before Scents and Results Matter Most!”

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