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Monthly Beard Oil Subscription from Legends

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We invite you to browse our educational videos about the science and chemistry behind our products. We take pride in our legendary beard oils, and know you’ll be more than satisfied with their performance and back for more, no matter how many competing products you have experimented with in the past. Once you discover how great your beard can feel and look, using our legendary beard oil, you’ll want to make sure you never deprive yourself of that feeling again. And it’s important to maintain your grooming regimen to maintain this level of satisfaction. The best way to avoid this is to subscribe to our monthly beard oil program. You need never run out again (as has happened to us all!), and your beard will thank you.

Our monthly program is so easy, you shouldn’t think twice about it. All you need do is use our secure server to enroll, choosing one, or more, of your favorite oils. Then, every thirty days, you will automatically be charged, and a fresh supply will be sent to your door. Additionally, our monthly beard oil plan is flexible enough to suit your needs. Building up a bit of a stockpile? Pause your monthly deliveries for as long as you need. And you may cancel at any time, of course, although we don’t expect you’ll ever want to.

In addition, we here at Legends Beard and Pipe Co. are as loyal to our customers as they are to us. And that’s why, each month, in addition to your favorite beard oil, you will receive a special comp, a gift to express our appreciation for your loyalty, and to return that loyalty in kind. Each month will be something different, from a t-shirt to who knows what. Quality, convenience, a legendary beard, and a free gift. What more could you ask for?

Get your Legends monthly beard oil subscription started today!

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