Seasoning Your Boar Hair Beard Brush – Say What?

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Seasoning Your Boar Hair Beard Brush – Say What?

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Did you know that using a seasoned boar’s hair beard brush as opposed to an unseasoned one can make all the difference in how your beard looks and feels? It can mean the difference between scruffy and legendary!

You should always use a high quality boar’s hair bristle brush when grooming your beard. A quality brush will get deep into your beard, bathing each individual hair in oil from root to tip, conditioning it to lustrous perfection. But, just like a reliable cast iron skillet, proper seasoning can make all the difference. Boar’s hair is a natural fiber, just like the hair in your beard. And just like your beard, it will absorb oil. An unseasoned brush will rob your beard of the oil it needs. A properly seasoned brush will allow for the delivery of the proper amount of oil to your beard, rather than the brush itself. It takes about 10 ml of oil to season a new boar hair beard brush. This is oil that could be delivered to your beard, where you want it, rather than the bristles of your brush.

You can always choose to season your brush on your own, but we at Legends are experts. You can choose to get our quality boar’s hair beard brushes pre-seasoned with our famous Poseidon beard oil. Or, if you prefer, you can order a brush with a pre-seasoning kit so as to not use a significant amount of your monthly supply of beard oil for the seasoning process. Once your brush has been seasoned, do not wash it. Simply run your fingers through it to remove any errant hairs. This will preserve the quality of the seasoned bristles. All our pre-seasoned brushes are  with Poseidon beard oil, but you may choose to have a specific brush for each of the oil in your grooming regimen. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.



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