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Beard Styles – Van Dyke

Beard Syles

The Van Dyke beard style is a simple and stylish type of facial hair currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. This style is named for seventeenth century Flemish artist Anthony Van Dyke who sported the look. The Van Dyke beard was popular throughout Europe in the seventeenth century, but faded as French styles came into fashion. Anthony Van Dyke not […]

Beard Styles – The Ducktail Beard

Beard Syles

The Ducktail Beard Style, otherwise known as the stiletto beard, had its origins in the fifteenth or sixteenth century, a time when men covering their naked faces with fabulous furry accouterments to display their masculinity, courage, and power. Throughout history, men have always grown beards, but it was during the sixteenth century that they became more serious about the care […]

Beard Styles – The Mutton Chops Beard Style

Beard Syles

Every mutton chop beard starts with a good set of sideburns. Most people think of sideburns as the thin strip of facial hair extending from the scalp to the upper chin, tight in front of the ear. But sideburns are, indeed, much more than that. The name itself is derived from Civil War General Ambrose Burnside, whose extravagantly exaggerated lateral […]