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Not All Beard Growth Oils are Made the Same

Choices, choices and more choices. You’re searching for the best beard growth oil for your beard and stumped by all the choices on the net. While so many beard growth oils ARE the same….not all beard growth oils are made the same. Find out why LEGENDS beard growth oil is totally DIFFERENT than all the rest and truly unique. Let […]

Bearded Legend – Poseidon

Bearded Legends

Legendary Beard Fact: Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, was born with a beard. Or, rather, reborn, as his father Chronos had swallowed him whole upon his first birth, and he was fully grown before his youngest sibling, Zeus, effected his release from their father’s belly. Poseidon, one of the most powerful gods in the Greek pantheon, is usually depicted […]

Bearded Legends – Leonardo Da Vinci

Bearded Legends

Legendary Beard Fact: Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the few artists never to leave behind a self portrait, but in every image executed by others, his magnificent flowing beard takes center stage. Leonardo Da Vinci was the bastard son of wealthy and well-respected lawyer Messer Piero Fruosinio de Antonio da Vinci and a peasant woman named Caterina. The birth […]

Bearded Legend – Kenny Rogers

Bearded Legends

Legendary Beard Fact: Kenny Rogers’ facial hair is every bit as iconic as the country singer, having morphed from brown and bushy to silver and sleek over his extensive career. Kenny Rogers started life in Houston, Texas, on August 21, 1938. He was raised in a poor neighborhood by his father, who worked in a shipyard, and his mother, who […]

Bearded Legend – Charles Darwin

Bearded Legends

Legendary Beard Fact:  Charles Darwin’s bushy beard evolved, shall we say, from a distinguished set of sideburns which he had worn for most of his life. Darwin originally grew his beard to prevent people from recognizing him, but his purpose was soon defeated as the beard went on to become an easily identifiable trademark of sorts. Charles Darwin was born […]

Bearded Legends – General Ambrose Burnside

Bearded Legends

Legendary Beard Fact: Despite a, shall we say, semi-distinguished military career, Gen. Ambrose Burnside is most famous for his facial hair. He wore strips of hair in front of his ears, joining his mustache. The style was originally called “burnsides”, but the term soon evolved into the modern “sideburns” usage. It could have been worse. Look what his fellow Union […]

Bearded Legend – Grizzly Adams

Bearded Legends

Legendary Beard Fact: Is it a possibility that John “Grizzly” Adams’ beard made him look tougher than the bears he trapped and trained, thereby contributing to his long standing legacy of masculinity. But John Adams did not start out as the epitome of Western mountain manliness. He was born in 1812 in Medway, Massachusetts, a member of the prominent Adams family […]