How to Use a Boar Hair Beard Brush Legends

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How to Use a Boar Hair Beard Brush Legends

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Your beard will only look as good as the brush you use to groom it.  The ideal way to groom your legendary beard is with a genuine Legends Signature Boar Hair Beard Brush.

First, choose a quality boar hair beard brush.  Some men are under the mistaken impression that any beard brush will do. This is not true. You want to use a brush that replicates the natural qualities of your own beard, such as boar’s hair.

Boar hair is the perfect match for your beard because it’s firm yet soft, just like your beard. Look for one with bristle length sufficient to work through your beard, and a super tight, dense nap.

A genuine boar’s hair brush will provide maximum separation and grooming ability which will only improve over time as your brush is seasoned by use. A good brush can last you a lifetime, so don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing one. It will be money well spent for years of quality performance.

But beware! Some brushes which are represented as genuine boar hair brushes are mostly nylon. If you’re unsure, try the flame test. If the bristle crackle and smell, it’s natural. If it melts, it’s nylon. You want to make sure that the brush you choose is one hundred percent natural boar’s hair.

How to Use Your Boar Hair Beard Brush

To use your boar hair brush, first apply your beard oil. Now, work the oil through your beard using your brush to distribute it. Start at the top and work downward. Some men like to brush upward from under their chin to fluff the beard a bit. Next, give your beard a light final groom to add a finishing touch. As you become accustomed to the use of your beard brush, you’ll develop your own technique.

Each beard is as individual as the man who sports it, and you are the best judge of what works for you to maintain the look and feel you desire.

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