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Why Use Beard Oil from Legends Beard and Pipe

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You may be questioning yourself about the advantages of using beard oil, whether you currently have a beard or are simply considering growing one. Your grandfather may not have been overly concerned about the hair on his face, so why should you be? I would ask you to take yet another look at that old photo of grandpa, and ask yourself do you want to look like that? And why is he always scratching, anyway?

Men have worn beard for thousands of years, with varying degrees of grooming rituals. But over the centuries, the more rustic look of chins gone wild seems to have come to the fore. Thanking, over the last decade, a trend to a more groomed look has taken over, and beard oils are a major contributor to this look. But, it’s not just looks which should concern you, although no can argue that a well-conditioned, well-nourished, shiny beard is not a sight to behold.

Judicious use of a quality beard oil can enhance your comfort levels as well as your looks.

Everybody can tell you that the first thirty days or so of growing a beard can be an itchy experience. Enough so that you may even question your decision to grow one in the first place. But just because you pass the thirty day mark does not mean that your troubles are over.

Underneath that magnificent scruff, your skin can become dry, and even itchier. You could even develop beardruff, which is just what it sounds like. Dandruff on your face!

A good quality beard growth oil, such as those offered by Legends Beard and Pipe, will not only treat your beard, but the skin beneath it, relieving that dry, itchy feeling, banishing beardruff, and disinfecting everything down to your dermal layer. And it will do all of this while conditioning and nourishing your now luxuriant facial fuzz at the same time.

A Legendary beard growth oil will make that fuzz even more impressive!!

So, do you want to look like an itchy caveman or a modern macho man? The choice is yours.



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