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[Beard Club] LEGENDS Beard and Pipe POSEIDON 3X (ICEMINT RUSH) Premium Beard Growth Super Oil [Subscription]

4.39 out of 5
,,,, $17.98 / 30 days

omegamax-9 beard oil absorption

Beard oil gift set includes: 1oz Poseidon Beard Growth Oil + Steel Oil Vault

Poseidon Beard Growth Oil: This private reserve 100% certified organic beard growth oil is our ultra premium flagship product using the best known science to create a synergistic beard growth and hair follicle strengthening masterpiece!  YES: tree nut & allergen free!

New and improved formula includes our proprietary OMEGAMAX-9 (Absorption Enhancer) – only available from Legends

  • Stops Beard Itch & Softens Your Beard


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[Beard Club] LEGENDS Beard CARIBBEAN VOYAGE (Bay Rum, Vanilla, Citrus, Spice, Coconut) Premium Beard Oil [Subscription]

4.43 out of 5
,,,, $17.98 / 30 days

This exotic beard oil formula redefines the quest for ancient Bay Rum supremacy and exacts beyond measure the essence of a man.  Set sail on a journey of passion and dominate the ocean blue!