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circle beard style

Beard Style – Circle Beard

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circle beard styleThe circle beard is exactly what is sounds like – a circle of neatly trimmed facial hair. This type of beard, also often referred to as a standard beard, is most suitable for square of oval faces.

Style: The circle beard combines a well-trimmed mustache with a neatly trimmed beard. The circle beard never extends along the jawline, nor does it trail tendrils from the chin. The beard is sported by many famous men, such as Brad Pitt, Kanye West, and Will Smith. Even Walter White of “Breaking Bad” took time out from his drug trade to maintain this sartorial statement beard.

In order to grow a circle beard, start with a reasonable growth of facial hair. Grow out your whisker for at least several days, until you have a substantial stubble. Now comes the shaping part.

How to Grow a Circle Beard

If the top corners of your mustache are too sharply angular, use a precision trimmer to smooth them into a downward curve. Shave your stubble into a wide goatee, then trim your beard to the desired length. Now it’s time to complete the circle. With a precision trimmer, carefully shape the goatee into the lower section of the circle, joining it to the rounded shape of the mustache. Take a good look in the mirror, and make any adjustments needed.

circle beard style

A well finished circle beard will look neat and tidy, and it maybe difficult for you to achieve a perfect circle. For this reason, if you are at all unsure of yourself, you may want to visit a barber for the initial trim. Once the beard is established, it is much easier to maintain, and you should have no  difficulty maintaining it on your own.

The circle beard imparts an air of sophistication youthful with a touch a masculine assurance. And while you may not wind up looking like George Clooney, you will get points for trying.


circle beard style DONE WRONG

circle beard style DONE WRONG

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