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extended goatee beard style

Beard Style – Extended Goatee

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An extended goatee beard style is simply a standard goatee with the hairline extended along the jawline and with the addition of a mustache. A standard goatee hugs the chin, like that little tuft of hair on a billy goat’s chin. Hence the name. But an extended goatee adds a bit of panache, along with a bit of hair. This type of beard is often referred to as the tailback, or Hollywoodian, style.

extended goatee beard style

The amount of hair in your extended goatee is strictly up to you. It can extend just slightly beyond your chin, or make its way along your jawline, coming closer and closer to the sideburn area. But there will no no meeting of beard and sideburns because there are no sideburns. This demarcation is what defines the style, making it a goatee instead of a type of full beard.  As with all goatees, the cheeks are clean shaven.

extended goatee beard style

How to Grow an Extended Goatee Beard Style

To grow an extended goatee, start by growing out a sufficient length of beard. A substantial stubble should do the trick. This should take about a week, depending on your hair’s growth rate. Now, comb out the hair to detangle and remove curls. Then trim to the desired length.

extended goatee beard style

Now it’s time to work on the outline you desire. Using a trimmer, work on your neck, deciding just how far down your beard will extend. After that, decide just how wide your beard will be, and, using the trimmer, male some small cuts. Some prefer to maintain a goatee the same width as their mustache.

Work with caution, and when in doubt leave more hair behind than you think necessary. Remember it is always easier to trim a bit more than to grow a bit more. Having defined the side edges and the bottom edge, now work on the cheek edges to achieve the desired shape. There are many different variations of an extended goatee beard, and the styling is up to individual taste. Let your imagination loose.

extended goatee beard style

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