[Trial Size] LEGENDS Beard CARIBBEAN VOYAGE (Bay Rum, Vanilla, Citrus, Spice, Coconut) Premium Beard Oil

,,, $17.99 $9.98

This exotic beard oil formula redefines the quest for ancient Bay Rum supremacy and exacts beyond measure the essence of a man.  Set sail on a journey of passion and dominate the ocean blue!


[Trial Size] LEGENDS Beard Oil SEQUOIA (POWERFUL PINE) Premium Beard Super Oil

,,, $17.99 $9.98

omegamax-9 beard oil absorption

The Legends SEQUOIA pine scented beard oil is a private reserve premium beard oil hand-crafted in the USA at the Legends Beard and Pipe beard lab with our proprietary OmegaMax-9 absorption enhancing technology delivering a supreme level of micro nutrient uptake for faster results.  Only available from Legends.

Direct Benefits:

STOPS BEARD ITCH at the skin level
SOFTENS YOUR BEARD as the ladies like it

Hand-crafted in the USA at the LEGENDS LAB!

There are no greater vision of grandeur, than to those who look upon the world’s largest Sequoia trees. So too shall it be for those who cross paths with you today!