LEGENDS Signature Series 100% Boar Hair Beard Brush + Outback Sack

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boar hair beard brush legends signature sack
boar hair beard brush legends signature sack
boar hair beard brush legends
beard oil outback sack

LEGENDS Signature Series 100% Boar Hair Beard Brush + Outback Sack

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boar hair beard brush legends
beard oil outback sack

This Legendary Beard Care Package Includes

  • 1 LARGE SIZE Legends “Signature Series” Boar Hair Beard Brush
  • 1 Legends Outback Sack

The Legends Signature Series 100% Boar Hair Beard Brush

The LEGENDS “Signature Series” 100% boar hair brushes are a SIGNIFICANT UPGRADE from standard boar hair brushes.  They’re 15% BIGGER, heavier, thicker, laser engraved and finished with an ultra-rich cherrywood stain.  They also have longer bristles and a tighter pile for bigger and badder beards!

Our “Signature Series” brushes are softer from the root to the tip, just like our beards are, but they are also firmer, thicker and hold up to routine usage a lot better than our beard hair does.  For this reason, they make the perfect grooming tool for the most serious beardsmen.

Another  amazing feature that most people don’t know about is that boar bristles become “seasoned” through the routine usage of our premium beard oil formulas, just like your actual beard does!  So as your beard becomes stronger, softer and more conditioned…so will your brush!

In fact, many LEGENDS loyal customers have two brushes: one for their beards and beard oils and another for their beard balm and mustache wax applications.  This way the brushes become “seasoned” for their exact purpose and retain a level of maximum performance that NO OTHER TYPE OF BRUSH could ever accomplish!

This beard brush will be a LEGENDARY addition to your  grooming hardware!

The Legends Outback Sack

The Legends Beard and Pipe heavy-duty canvas “OUTBACK SACK” is the perfect vessel for transporting and protecting your Legendary beard oils and grooming gear.

Embellished with the exclusive LEGENDS BEARD & PIPE logo and screen printed in metallic graphite, our heavy-duty OUTBACK sack is a whopping 11mm thickness strength and high-sheer drawstring to hold your 100% boar brush, sandalwood ox horn comb and any of your favorite LEGENDS full-sized beard oil formulas without compromise.

Legendary Beard Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do your formulas contain any tree nuts or other allergenic compounds?

Answer: NO, we DO NOT use any tree nuts or other compounds known to have allergenic proteins in our beard oil formulas.  We take our customer’s allergies very seriously but we also consider secondary family members and their allergies as well.  We never want a child with sever nut allergies to ever touch their dad’s beard, then be faced with a potentially life-threatening emergency.  Would it be easier to do what everybody else in the beard oil business is doing and not ever consider these human costs?  Yes!  But our conscience, integrity and character will not allow us to do anything…but the right thing!

Question: How long does a full bottle of Legends beard oil last?

Answer: It depends on the length and thickness of your beard, but even for the biggest/thickest beards, when used properly, Legends beard oil will supply you with 30 days of applications using it once per day (best in the morning after your shower).  For new, short or thin beards, Legends beard oil will last up to 45-50 days of applications when using it once per day.  A second daily application is not necessary with Legends beard oil, but we do have customers that swear by the practice (usually an early evening second application) using only 30-40% of the first application.  With each and every application of Legends beard oil, always brush the oil deep into your beard with our 100% boar hair bristle brush for maximum results.

Question: Will I notice any results with the 7 day trial size?

Answer: Yes, but let’s be realistic, you will not grow your “Legendary Beard” in one week!  However, we want potential customers to actually “feel” how well our formulas begin to work starting on day one, and for a cheap cost of entry, the 7 day trial size is your chance.  You see, normal beard growth produces about 1/2″ of new hair each month…so be patient.  Legendary beards aren’t grown overnight!

Among the most received customer testimonials on our 7 day trial, is how their itchiness and dry skin was reduced or eliminated almost immediately after the first application.  Subsequent applications only furthered the healing of the dry skin and itchiness and customers who started with the trial went on to begin full bottle regiments with remarkable results.

Question: What’s the difference between POSEIDON and SERIOUS BLACK?

Answer: Both formulas are high performers, with the exception being that SERIOUS BLACK was designed for our bearded brothers with darker to black beards who want to retain and enhance that darkness.  SERIOUS BLACK also contains special components that are easy on sensitive ethnic skin types and which help to reduce or eliminate skin bumps and acne related to breakouts under the facial hair.

POSEIDON on the other hand, was designed with ALL SKIN TYPES in mind so it’s the safe and regular “GO TO” formula with proven results and an extremely loyal user base.

Question: Why don’t you have a ton of beard scents like the other guys?

Answer: In the Legends world, we have a saying, “SCIENCE TRUMPS SENTS…AND RESULTS MATTER MOST!”  So while it may seem logical to pursue the offering of dozens of simply scented products, our mission is one more based on science and results than superfluous and ineffective beard oil scents.  WE KNOW YOU’RE SMARTER THAN THAT!

Let’s thing about it for a moment.  How many men really want to smell like a Christmas tree all day?  Or smell like tobacco, ground pepper or a floral bouquet…which is much better reserved for the ladies in our lives?  Not many men we know!

You see, we research, develop, test, then produce some of the most sophisticated beard oil formulas on the planet.  The way our formulas smell is strictly on purpose, not by chance or for simply a sale, but rather a testimony to the care and craft of formulating a blend that becomes legendary.  Needless to say, we have a spectacular new line of formulas currently underway in the Legends lab…so get ready for more Legendary beard oil blends.  And yes, we guarantee  that you will take our customers on a sensory joyride like they’ve never seen, proving over and over again that “SCIENCE TRUMPS SCENTS…AND RESULTS MATTER MOST!”

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  1. brandon@dupsky.com
    5 out of 5

    Great Boar Brush Value! Very high quality at a fantastic price, this is a great boar brush value! Warren D. Columbia, TN

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